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Product Summary

Successfully tailored to satisfy the special requirements governing floor springs for double action doors, the BTS 65 also offers a particularly shallow design and thus all the advantages of a reduced installation depth. With two closing ranges and a choice of models, the BTS 65 can fulfil virtually any application requirement while providing all the reliability associated with assured quality from dormakaba.

Certified manufacture to ISO 9001.

  • Special shallow design
  • Optional hold-open
  • Easy installation thanks to shallow design
  • Easy to adapt to individual requirements

Product Details


  • The practical clamp fixing system of the BTS 65 ensures a
  • secure and high-precision fit in the cement box.

Floor spring accessories dormakaba BTS
dormakaba 2300 Sealing Compound
For filling the cavities between the floor spring body and the cement box to prevent moisture penetration (mandatory according to e.g. VOB regulations for wet rooms).

Spindle inserts
The floor clearance can be adjusted as required by simply replacing the insertion spindle with another size.
Special spindle designs available on request – e.g. wide flats with 3° offset, square and spindle inserts for non-dormakaba-specific accessories.

Universal cover plate
Available in stainless steel or satin brass.

Benefits for the trade

  • Outstanding value for money
  • Wide range of accessories to accommodate various installation situations

Benefits for the installer

  • Easy installation thanks to shallow design
  • Easy to adapt to individual requirementsEasy to adapt to individual requirements with dual valve control 130° to 0° and 130° to 20°
  • Interchangeable spindle inserts available to suit site conditions

Benefits for the architect/specifier

  • Minimum floor recess dimension
  • Rugged construction for door weights up to 100 kg
  • dormakaba quality

Benefits for the user

  • Smooth closing operation  virtually temperatureimmune
  • Low effort requirement ensures easy door operation
  • Optional integrated single-point hold-open at 90°



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